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  1. General rules

    - Do not harass/bully or be a racist towards any member in our very community, we do not tolerate

    - We only allow English language on our forum as it's the most optimal option for our very community.

    - Trashtalking is untolerated! Yes, this rule is the same for everyone.

    - Do not be a sexist, no matter what the person's gender or sexuality is.

    - Avoid discussing cultural topics and do not talk about any religions (this is to avoid unnecessary arguments between members!)

    - Any form of advertising / self-advertising is untolerated is strictly forbidden here, if any user is caught doing this then it will result in a suspension of the person's account.

    - Any spam, shitposting or leeching will result in a warning or a ban.

    - Do not post NSFW content in any form outside of NSFW section.

    - Do not share any content from our forum to anywhere else.

    - You must provide a VirusTotal scan result for ANY ".exe" & ".dll" files you post/share.

    - Try to be as child-friendly as possible, avoid using too many swearwords.

    - Do not create support tickets without an actual serious reason.

    - Do not report content unless you're 100% sure the report is reasonable.

    - Do not post any illegal material (eg. CP, viruses, harmful material/content.)

    - Ban evading & multiple accounting will result in permanent ban.

    - You must not share images/videos of sadistic gore or animal cruelty.

    - Sharing or Selling your account will result in a permanent ban.

    - You must not share videos which contain earrapes or jumpscares.

  2. Shoutbox rules

    - Follow the general rules and use common sense.

    - Do not post links to any third party websites nor advertise anything.

    - Avoid being unironically rude or sarcastic as not everyone understands it.

  3. Commenting Rules

    - Follow the general rules and use common sense.

    - Be positive towards other members.

    - Do not leech for any content & do not just quote the topic and that's it.

    - If the leak actually is interesting to you, make sure to use the like function!

  4. Marketplace rules

    - Make sure to post your thread in the correct section

    - Scamming is strictly forbidden and we will permanently ban anyone who gets caught scamming other members.

    - Staff team is not responsible for any of the potentially successful scams. In case if you get scammed, all the staff can offer is to ban the person who scammed you in case if you provide us all the valid proof that's necessary.

    - Do not sell anything that is against the law of United States or European Union's.

    - We only allow serious sale / want to buy threads,- any non-serious/empty thread will result in a punishment.

  5. V$ Rules

    - Grinding V$ may result into a warning or a temporary ban.

    - Do not post useless V$ resources (Counts as Grinding V$).

    - Posting overprices V$ resources will result into a deletion of the resource.

    - Spamming overpriced V$ resources will result into a deletion of the resource and depending on the severity of it, it may result in a temporary / permanent ban.

    - We can refund your wasted V$ in case if you get scammed. The only thing you need to do is to open a ticket and provide proof that you got scammed and we will take actions.

    - Advertisement links such as linkvertise, discord server invite or any other links from which you promote something will get your V$ resource deleted, even in some cases temporary suspend of your account.

  6. What does Leeching mean?

    - In a nutshell, leeching means that you're taking a lot of content from the community and not giving any or enough back to the community. For every 15 pieces of content you take, you have to upload one piece of content. HOWEVER, there is one more definition and that is, Spamming Random Gibberish.